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Director, Producer, and Facilitator of Theatrical Productions and Creative Projects

About Me

After graduating Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatrical Directing, Design & Production, and Cinema Studies, Katie moved from Chicago to Los Angeles where she began her entertainment career working for the legendary Director/Actor/Producer Garry Marshall. 

Since then, Katie has directed and produced many theatrical productions and has been fortunate enough to contribute to her talents to several theatres including: The Falcon Theatre, The Eclectic Company Theatre, The Vagrancy, The Colony Theatre, Open Fist, Theatre/Theater, Skylight Theatre, Theatre Factory Studio, Greenway Court Theatre, Rogue Artists Ensemble, The Victory Theatre Center, The Blank Theatre and, currently, The Road Theatre Company where she acts as Managing Director. 

Katie has also taken an intense interest in people and culture and the different methods of expressions in which to communicate our unique individuality through art.  She believes that there is much to learn about our humanity and what unites us all through the universal language of creativity.  She also captures these moments in the photographs she takes of the many places she has been fortunate enough to visit.

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